Innovative Opportunities

What if clinical trials were designed to support the test of several compounds at the same time in any disease area instead of focusing on a single compound every time a trial is run? 

What if patients had a steady voice in the outline of clinical trials which would consistently incorporate their inputs and outcomes?

What if a single control group could sustain multi-compound trials hence, increasing the patients’ chances of receiving a potentially effective new treatment during the clinical trial?

What if pharmaceutical companies were to collaborate instead of running parallel trials on similar compounds as sometimes occurs?

What if clinicians, researchers, patients, regulators and the industry shared their knowledge and created a forum that promoted open debate on clinical trials and drug development?

Why if a new paradigm of clinical trials was to provide speedier access to more effective and personalised medicines whilst keeping operational costs under control?

The EU funded EU-PEARL aims to provide positive answers to all these questions by embracing technological innovation, health data management and a ground-breaking collaborative approach.

Clinical research on Oncology, Alzheimer’s diseases or ALS are already focusing on multi-compound trials which allow to test several drugs simultaneously, often against a single control group. EU-PEARL intends to build on the positive impact that building a patient centric, cross-company, multi-drug framework suitable for any disease would have on clinical research.


About IRPs and Platform Trials

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What are the Benefits?

Improving health outcomes for patients by promoting a new paradigm of clinical trials is at the core of EU-PEARL. This innovative approach to clinical research and drug development aims to deliver substantial benefits in the long run, not only for patients, clinicians or the industry, but to society as a whole.

Primarily, EU-PEARL’s will have an expected positive impact on:


  • EU-PEARL is engaging with patients right from the start to co-design the platform trial framework, thus bringing on board more patient-relevant outcomes.
  • Patients and their relatives/carers will play a central role in trial designs as their perspective on inputs and views on outcomes will be consistently incorporated.
  • This new framework of platform trials will increase patients’ prospects of receiving novel techniques and treatments during the clinical trial rather than a placebo or standard of care.
  • It will also promote efficiencies in the clinical trials process, most likely resulting in speedier access for patients to more effective and personalized techniques and treatments.
  • All in all, the EU-PEARL framework will support better health and care for patients by promoting a groundbreaking collaborative paradigm.


  • EU-PEARL will develop a tested and trusted framework to set up and coordinate the operations of platform trials in any disease.
  • This framework will allow the running of multi-company platform trials in a safe and effective environment in terms of intellectual property, data governance and regulatory, legal and ethical aspects.
  • To meet the highest quality standards, this innovative framework will also rest on an extensive clinical network that will provide the infrastructure and access to hospitals and patient cohorts.
  • This new paradigm will also allow for a better allocation of resources as it will facilitate placing the focus on compounds that are best in their class.
  • Once EU-PEARL is completed, sustainable and replicable IRPs will be in place to provide high quality evidence based on strong and consistent data networks and statistical methods.

Clinicians, Researchers and Regulatory Bodies

  • EU-PEARL represents and open and trusted environment for knowledge sharing and science-driven debate amongst all stakeholders which intends to promote innovation in clinical research.
  • The new paradigm will bring more efficiency to the design and implementation of clinical trials thus informing better clinical decisions and potentially improving the speed of making new treatment available to patients.
  • This innovative framework developed by EU-PEARL will provide methodologically robust results that will facilitate their early adoption in clinical guidelines.

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