Stakeholder Workshop: Join us in shaping the future of clinical trials!

Creating a collaborative environment integrated by a diversity of stakeholders is vital to move forward on the innovative paradigm of Integrated Research Platforms (IRPs). Next October, experts from health authorities, ethic committees, patient organizations, health technology assessments, industry/pharmaceutical companies and academic investigators/hospital networks involved in drug development are called to attend EU-PEARL’s first Stakeholder Workshop and contribute to shape the future of clinical trials.

Participants will have the opportunity to get familiar with the EU-PEARL project and the IRP concept, learn from prior and on-going platform trials. The workshop has been designed to foster dialogue amongst the most relevant actors which intervene in drug development to obtain stakeholders’ feedback regarding opportunities and challegnes in conducting IRPs.

The Workshop is organized along different sessions, in virtual format. An introductory session on October 8th will be followed by specific breakout sessions later in the month. They will cover the following topics:

  • Multiplicity Framework for IRPs
  • Regulatory and Ethic Committee Consideration for IRPs
  • Patient engagement for IRPs in trial design

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