Sanofi is a global healthcare company with more than 110,000 employees in 100 nations. Diverse product lines are produced by Sanofi including human pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer products and other innovative healthcare products.

Sanofi is working actively on leveraging electronic health records and eSources to accelerate its R&D development programs and lower costs of delivering innovative medicines to patients. In this context, Sanofi R&D Clinical Science and Operation Platform has been part of leading organizations on parent EHR4CR project, the launch and growth of connected hospital networks to InSite, and more recently leading a consortium effort (EHR2EDC) aiming at delivering a novel capability to collect data from EHR systems. The Sanofi team has contributed expertise by bringing high level expertise in the conduct of clinical development, the management and sustainability of brining innovations to routine practice.

Sanofi has contributed to the IMI project EHR4CR, eTRIKS and is actively contributing to EPAD (platform trial in Alzheimer prevention), EHDN, Transcelerate. SANOFI is leading the EIT Health EHR2EDC project.