Fundació Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron – Institut de Recerca (VHIR)


Vall d’Hebrón Research Institute (VHIR) is a multidisciplinary research centre that promotes and develops innovative biomedical research within Vall d’Hebrón University Hospital Campus (VH-UHC). It is one of the largest hospital campuses in Spain, leader in clinical trials development with more than 1,000 clinical trials active per year, being >50% in PhI-II. VHIR has also experience in adaptive clinical trials implementations. The Institution has 58 independent biomedicine research groups, as well as an experimented team in charge of giving technical and financial support, project management, communication and any assistance related to the research projects.

VHIR’s Research and Innovation actions have a strong international component, with more than 65 ongoing international projects such as FP7, H2020-SC1, H2020-NMBP, FET-OPEN, Erasmus+, MSCA-ITN, MSCA-RISE, IMI2, NIH, European Reference Networks or ERA-NET actions. The Institution provides specific cutting-edge solutions for every need during the process of biomedical research, including: Lab Animal Service, High Technology Unit, Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit, Clinical Trials Pharmacy, Clinical Research Support Unit, Biobank, and the Academic Research Organization. It is also a member of EATRIS and ECRIN, two platforms which provide easy access to their European infrastructures.

EU-PEARL is considered a transversal and strategic project of VHIR, led by the Technical Secretariat assisting VHIR’s Director in the coordination of strategic, scientific and institutional activities. Other clinical and technical departments of the VH-UHC will also be actively involved in the execution of the EU-PEARL project, such as the Psychiatric Department, the Liver Department, the Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit and the Clinical Research Support Unit.

VHIR leads EU-PEARL as Coordinator Partner. As member of the Executive Committee, supervises the overall scientific and strategic oversight of the project.


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