EUROSCAN International Network e.V. is a scientific society and a collaborative network of member agencies for the exchange of information on important new, emerging and obsolete health technologies (including drugs, devices, diagnostics, procedures, programmes and settings). EUROSCAN is the leading global collaborative network that collects and shares information on innovative or obsolete technologies in health care in order to support decision making and the adoption and use of effective, useful and safe health-related technologies. The network is also the principal global forum for the sharing and development of methods for the early identification and early assessment of new and emerging health-related technologies and predicting their potential impact on health services and existing technologies. EUROSCAN is committed to work with a high level of transparency and professionalism, and in partnership with researchers, research centres, governments and international organisations to produce high quality information and effective early awareness and alert (EAA) systems.

EUROSCAN is also committed to support the development of existing and new not-for-profit public agencies working in the EAA field.