The European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS) support researchers in developing their biomedical discoveries into novel translational tools and interventions for better health outcomes for society.

Approximately 90 academic institutions of excellence in translational research, based in 13 European Member States, are currently members of the research infrastructure (RI). EATRIS supports clients from academia and industry in developing their biomedical discoveries into novel preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic products. EATRIS is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) since 2013, a legal entity established by the European Commission to facilitate the operation of international research infrastructures. The EATRIS ‘Coordination & Support’ (C&S) office, based in Amsterdam, comprises a team of 17 with expertise ranging from biomedical project management, technology transfer to translational product development. EATRIS is a member of the Personalized Medicine Coalition and regularly partners with charities and patient organisations.

EATRIS plays a central role in the governance of the project as a member of the Executive Committee which is the primary decision‐making body, responsible for the definition of project policies and the overall scientific leadership of the project as well as its strategic oversight. EATRIS is leading the sustainable strategy of EU PEARL, together with Synapse, I-HD and Janssen.



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