Custodix is a Belgian private limited company established in 2000 and specialized in data protection solutions for eHealth and clinical research. Custodix is the company behind the InSite platform, a pan-European research network of clinical sites, aiming to be a sustainable eco-system for Real World Data (RWD) driven clinical trial design and execution, which is fully in scope of WP3.

Staff of the R&D (IT) department responsible for the InSite platform software development, data integration and deployment, the hospital engagement team responsible for facilitating the connection of health care organisations (HCOs) to InSite and engaging HCO staff and the RWD team with experience in modelling and querying clinical trial protocol criteria will be involved in the project.

Through InSite, Custodix has experience with building and operating an HCO investigator & patient data driven clinical research network and its applications in specific therapeutic areas like MDD and NASH.

Custodix has know-how, experience and infrastructure for running platform trials involving RWD and dealing with data privacy concerns and platform governance.