Stakeholder Workshop: Join us in shaping the future of clinical trials!

Creating a collaborative environment integrated by a diversity of stakeholders is vital to move forward...
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EU-PEARL’s second GAM is about to kick off in a virtual format

Around 300 Consortium members are called to attend EU-PEARL second General Assembly Meeting (GAM) organised...
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The “magic” of public-private partnerships

Key note by Francesco Patalano (Novartis) and Daniel Prieto-Alhambra (University of Oxford). Albeit our different...
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Aude Mouline, mother of Titouan, 10, diagnosed with NF

I work as a marketing and sales director for a large hospitality company and have...
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Activities to delve into patient engagement take center stage this September

EU-PEARL is taking further steps to ensure that patients will be at the centre in...
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A comprehensive document on platform trials is now available

The domain of EU-PEARL’s research, Integrated Research Platforms (IRPs) and platform trials is relatively new...
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“Beyond COVID-19, our collective effort will ensure that many more patients benefit from platform trials”

As the biomedical sector rapidly mobilizes to address the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are encouraged...
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EU-PEARL plan to foster patient engagement in the design of the platform trial framework takes off

Patient centricity is at the core of EU-PEARL’s mission. That is why we are engaging...
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Get to know Juan M Pericàs, member of EU-PEARL scientific coordination team

Physician, specialised in internal medicine, infectious diseases and epidemiology/public health. EU-PEARL’s scientific co-coordinator, giving support...
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