EU-PEARL’s second GAM is about to kick off in a virtual format

Around 300 Consortium members are called to attend EU-PEARL second General Assembly Meeting (GAM) organised along four half-day sessions during September and October. All sessions will take place online due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

Besides, representing an excellent opportunity to keep the full Consortium abreast of the latest developments in the project, this virtual event has been designed to continue fostering engagement and scientific debate amongst participants despite the physical distance imposed by the pandemic.

The GAM will kick-off next September 17th with an open plenary session. Together with the project’s leadership, Dr Derek C. Angus, one of the Leads of the REMAP-CAP platform trial, will also take the floor as key-note speaker. Dr Angus speech will focus on the impact of IRPs and the potential of EU-PEARL’s mission and vision.

All sessions will seek to educate, inform, and engage all partners who are working under the umbrella of EU-PEARL to build the new paradigm of clinical trials. The virtual event will not only transmit the project’s bigger picture but also provide detailed information on how to use the Master Protocol Template, outline the roadmap for future sustainability and will unfold EU-PEARL’s plan to promote patient engagement. Content and debate will revolve around 4 main areas: sustainability, legal and data governance, methods, patient centricity and networks.

Ultimately, the GAM aims to set the direction for this next year and continue inspiring all the professionals who are making EU-PEARL possible. A plenary session next October 7th will close the event in which members of the External Advisory Board will also play an important part.

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