EU-PEARL will take part in XPatient Barcelona Congress next 29th September

Lucinda Cash-Gibson (VHIR) and Estefanía Cordero (EPF) will represent EU-PEARL in the XPatientBCN Congress which will take place online next 28th – 29th September. They will offer and overview of the project and the innovative framework of patient-centric collaborative platform trials EU-PEARL is developing to bring novel treatments and therapeutics to patients in a faster, more efficient way. Their presentation will take place in the context of the session “Learnings from COVID-19: needs, response capacity, acceleration and new virtual environment”.

Organised by Hospital Clinic, Eurecat and Fundació TIC Salut Social, the XPatient Congress focuses this year on patient and carer’s empowerment to improve their care experience, co-creation processes and the impact of technology in health care.

More information about the event.


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