EU-PEARL will participate in the XVIII Edition of the Spanish Biometrics Conference at the end of May

EU-PEARL researchers Marta Bofill Roig and Pavla Krotka will showcase their research on platform trials at the Spanish Biometrics Conference on the 25, 26 and 27 of May in Madrid

The conference will take place at the Puerta de Toledo Campus in Madrid and is organized by the Department of Statistics of the University Carlos III and the Department of Computer Science and Statistics of the University Rey Juan Carlos.

EU-PEARL postdoctoral researcher from the Medical University of Vienna, Marta Bofill Roig will present the paper: “Current statistical issues in platform trials for the evaluation of multiple treatments” which focuses on different statistical approaches to address the major challenges (adaptability, multiplicity issues, and use of shared controls) in the use of platform trials.

In the research, Bofill and her co-writer Martin Posch, use examples of disease-specific platform designs that are currently under investigation in EU-PEARL.

At the same conference, EU-PEARL researcher Pavla Krotka will also present a paper on the operating characteristics of a model-based approach to incorporate non-concurrent controls in platform trials.