EU-PEARL will discuss progress made in the area of Tuberculosis during World Conference Lung Health 2022

In the context of World Conference on Lung Health 2022, EU-PEARL will share the progress made by the project to design an adaptive platform trial in the area of Tuberculosis (TB). To this end, the Conference organised by The Union will host the workshop “Tools to build TB Integrated Research Platforms: The EU-PEARL Approach” next Thursday, November 3rd at 2-5pm (CET).  Daniela Maria Cirillo (uniSR), leader of this work stream at EU-PEARL and Adrian Sanchez Montalva (VHIR) will moderate the session.

Tobias Mielke (Janssen), Norbert Heinrich (LMU), Juan Espinosa Pereiro (VHIR) and Karin Rombouts (Janssen) will focus on the work done so far by the project to accelerate the uptake of Platform Trials across Europe and more specifically to develop an Integrated Research Platform (IRP) that facilitates drug/regimen development for TB. During the session they will touch on:

  • Master Protocol template to accelerate drug registration
  • Reviewed novel biomarkers highly predictive of clinical outcome and
  • Regulatory pathway

A panel discussion integrated by patients, academia, industry, regulators and public health representatives will follow.

TB is one of the four disease areas EU-PEARL focuses on to build generic Integrated Research Platforms to be used in future in any disease areas.

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