EU-PEARL to present advances on platform trials for TB during TBScience Conference

EU-PEARL’s experience on advancing towards a new paradigm of clinical trials will be presented during TBScience event which will take place online next 19th – 22nd October in the context of the 52nd Union World Conference on Lung Health. Tobias Mielke (Scientific Director, Janssen), and Cecile Spiertz (Senior Director, External Innovation Clinical Trial Platforms, Janssen) will participate in the session “Recent innovations in trial design lessons for the TB community; where does TB ‘treatment shortening’ go from here?” scheduled for October 20th. Organised by The Union, TBScience focuses on basic and translational tuberculosis research and brings togethers scientists from different fields -microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, pharmacology, epidemiology and mathematical modelling-. During the four-day virtual event, assistants will discuss recent findings on Tuberculosis (TB) transmission, infection, and disease. The development of better vaccines, new drugs, and diagnostics for TB will also be examined.

EU-PEARL is developing an innovative framework to conduct collaborative platform trials. The disease agnostic solution proposed by this IMI project is being tested in four disease areas. TB is one of them. EU-PEARL representatives will explain advances made in the design of a platform trail to test new TB treatments. Integrated Research Platforms (IRPs) have the potential to bring more efficiency and speed to drug development processes. Tobias Mielke will deliver the presentation “EU-PEARL: design considerations on platform trials for tuberculosis”, whilst Cecile Spiertz’s will be “EU-PEARL: How integrated platform trials can serve the purpose of TB treatment development?”

More information about the event here.