Elias Laurin Meyer awarded Arthur-Linder-Prize of the International Biometric Society

Meyer received the award for his paper “Decision rules for identifying combination therapies in open-entry, randomized controlled platform trials”.

The prestigious Arthur-Linder-Prize is awarded every two years by the Austrian-Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society (IBS-ROeS) to support young scientists in honor of Prof. Arthur Linder for a research paper in the field of biometrics. The winners were presented at this year’s ROeS seminar in September in Salzburg, where Elias Laurin Meyer was given the opportunity to present his research.  Meyer is biostatician at the Medical University of Vienna (MUW) and member of the EU-PEARL project.

The manuscript titled “Decision rules for identifying combination therapies in open-entry, randomized controlled platform trials“ was drafted by Elias Laurin Meyer together with his co-authors Peter Mesenbrink, Cornelia Dunger-Baldauf, Ekkehard Glimm, Yuhan Li und Franz König and investigates a particular platform trial design in the context of combination therapies whereby the assumption is that one of the two components of the combination therapies is a common backbone monotherapy. Instead of investigating every such combination therapy in an individual trial, a platform trial design is used and information on the common backbone monotherapy and standard of care is shared across cohorts in the trial. As a result, efficacy of therapies can be evaluated faster and fewer patients are allocated to standard of care. The authors evaluate the impact of many different assumptions on specifically defined operating characteristics and error rates.

“Receiving this award is a great honor for me” said Meyer during the ceremony. He thanked members of the biostatician department at the Medical University of Vienna, lead by Martin Posch “for creating such a supporting work environment”. The young scientist also dedicated a special mention to Peter Mesenbrink, biostatician at Novartis and to Franz König, supervisor of his PhD thesis. “I can safely say that without him, none of my academic achievements would have been possible” he stated.

Read this interview with Elias Laurin Meyer.


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