Activities to delve into patient engagement take center stage this September

EU-PEARL is taking further steps to ensure that patients will be at the centre in the new paradigm of clinical trials. So, in the upcoming weeks the Patient Advisory Board (PAG) will take off, whilst a session scheduled for the project’s General Assembly Meeting (GAM) will be devoted to patient engagement.

In May, EU PEARL announced the launch of its Patient Advisory Group (PAG), which will be made up of representatives from the four EU-PEARL disease areas, and others not associated with a condition. The PAG will hold its kick-off meeting this coming 16 September where the new representatives will attend a welcome session and will receive an overview of the project and the coming activities. The role of the PAG is key to ensuring patients remain at the centre of everything we do in EU-PEARL. The group will reinforce the patient voice in the project, consult on the work of EU-PEARL and on the design of the platform.

Other upcoming activities

There will be a patient centric session at this month’s General Annual Meeting (GAM). The first part, will leverage the experience gained during the PARADIGM project on patient engagement for the EU-PEARL IRP framework. PARADIGM is a public-private partnership with the aim of advancing meaningful patient engagement in the life cycle of medicines for better health outcomes.

The second part of the session will be a patient engagement training by EUPATI, the European Patients Academy on Therapeutic Innovation. This training session will focus on improving the understanding of project participants about the importance of working with patients as partners, developing the participant’s skills to work with patients and patient groups, and inform them about good practice and practical examples for successful patient engagement.


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