September 20, 2021
By WP4 (Stefan M. Gold, Yanina Flossbach, Witte Hoogendijk, Christian Otte, Carmine Pariante, Toni Ramos-Quiroga) Depression, or “major depressive disorder” (MDD) as it is known by the medical community, is a serious and life-threatening condition with high rates of morbidity and a chronic disease course. It affects approximately 1 in 6 adults at some point...
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Lucinda Cash-Gibson (VHIR) and Estefanía Cordero (EPF) will represent EU-PEARL in the XPatientBCN Congress which will take place online next 28th – 29th September. They will offer and overview of the project and the innovative framework of patient-centric collaborative platform trials EU-PEARL is developing to bring novel treatments and therapeutics to patients in a faster,...
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