1st Stakeholder workshop

EU-PEARL’s first Stakeholder Workshop: fostering debate on platform trials

EU-PEARL is set to transform the way clinical trials are conducted by developing tools and methodologies to create Integrated Research Platforms (IRPs). This novel approach has the potential to make drug development processes more efficient and faster. A pivotal element is the master protocol, which is still a relatively novel concept. Its implications in critical areas such statistical methodology and regulatory aspects continue to evolve. In this sense, EU-PEARL provides a trusted and inclusive environment to conduct this necessary debate amongst key stakeholders. With this objective in mind, the Consortium organised four online Stakeholder Workshop sessions last October which brought together around 600 experts. All in all, this initiative has proved a great opportunity to interact with a variety of external stakeholders early in the IRP design. A second Stakeholder Workshop is planned for 2023, once the IRP framework is further advanced.

You can access materials and presentations below or visit the stakeholder workshop dedicated page here.

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