Early career researchers
Meyer received the award for his paper “Decision rules for identifying combination therapies in open-entry, randomized controlled platform trials”. The prestigious Arthur-Linder-Prize is awarded every two years by the Austrian-Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society (IBS-ROeS) to support young scientists in honor of Prof. Arthur Linder for a research paper in the field of...
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What started your scientific vocation? Ever since I was little, I have been drawn to scientific subjects. Even though I really had no idea of what science was, I chose to study biology at University mostly because it was something I was keen on learning. It was during my University studies that I first discovered...
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Britt Dhaenens, MD and PhD student at Erasmus University Medical Center (The Netherlands) shares in this interview her amazing journey from patient to researcher. She tells us about her experience in EU-PEARL; the challenges she is contributing to address and the implications for rare diseases patients.  What ignited your scientific vocation? I have been interested...
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